Friday, September 20, 2013

Recent Life Thoughts & Baby Emily

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog!
I understand it's been a while, and this is not beauty/fashion related. But hey, it is my blog and I thought I give a little update on... well - me!
Three weeks ago I began my last year of high school. I've found it more difficult then usual to get back into routine, and I think it's just because I had such a great summer. I also just feel tired of the whole school thing; I want to get out and go see the world! Anyways, Grade 12 really makes you think. I don't think I've ever thought about my past so much. All the changes I've gone through and all the people I've met. There's so much growing you do in your life and it's crazy to think that there's more to come.
Looking at the year ahead of me is ridiculous too. I'm going to be graduating this year! It's my last year seeing my good friends everyday, and being in band! If one thing is for sure I'll be crying more on my last music night then graduation day!
On top of that I'm going to (finally) be 17 soon! Late Birthday-ers; I feel your pain!
Anyways, I thought I take myself - and my followers - on a trip down Memory Lane.
My big sister, Rachel, and I at the beach by our old cottage! We used to go there every summer and spend all day at the beach!
One of the many years I dressed up as Tinkerbell for Halloween and one of the many times my sister made me pose for a picture.
Fun Fact: I used to do gymnastics but quit when I was 8
My mom, sister, and I at Disney. My first time!
Jumping back a little - me in kindergarten! 
Spain 2009! My first time in Europe! (and hopefully not the last)
Nicole and I at our Grade 8 Graduation in 2010!
My Sweet 16 + great people I've met in High School!
May 2013 - Disney World #2 with great friends!
*Sigh* soon I'll have a graduation photo to add to this.
What's a favorite memory of yours?
x Emily