Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nail Of The Day -- Butter London: Rosie Lee

Hey guys! So for Christmas my wonderful sister Rachel got me my first Butter London nail polish! So of course I painted my nails right away. 
This color is perfect for me! Espcially because it's glitter, and I love glitter polishes! 
It has redish purpley glitter with pink glitter - that is seriously the only way I could describe it. 
It has a clear base, so light pink or even black would look great underneath!
I took pictures in natural and artificial lighting so your could see it in both. But honestly, neither of these lighting choices do the color justice. both of these lighting's made it look light, where in real life it's about as dark as it looks in the bottle.
The first coat is a bit sheer, but once you get the second coat on the color looks a lot more opaque - which is the case for many glitter polishes with clear bases. 

Anyways, that's my nail of the day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Chirstmas Wishlist!

Christmas is coming! ...says all the Christmas concert I've been playing at lately :P So today I'm going to share my Christmas Wishlist with ya'll!
1. The Hunger Games Trilogy
As usual my friend Nicole got me into this series (like Vampire Diaries) and I'm obsessed! I originally borrowed the books from Nicole, but now I want to re-read it! And I have to have this collection on my bookshelf :) 
2. Benefit's Tints 
A.K.A. Benetint, PoiseTint and ChaChaTint.
I absolutely love these! I love the texture, and color. But my problem is that I don't own any of them. One that I do own in High Beam and I love that one too! 
3. Hot Chelle Rae Concert Tickets
okay guys, I cheated with this one, because I already got them! Let's just talk about Nicole for a minute. My lovely friend Nicole got me these tickets today and let's just say my reaction was priceless. Thanks Nicole! <3
4. Pink SugarPlum -- Bath and Body Works
B&BW has a new holiday scent called Pink Sugarplum and it's smells amazing!!! I know I have so many Triple moisture body creme's but I can't help it, their amazing! 
5. Sweaters! 
I recently feel in love with pull over sweaters. I don't really know why but I love them!! Good places to find them are American Eagle and Aeropostal. TNA makes nice ones too. Plus they're great for the cold winter ahead! 
That makes the big things I would like on this years wish list! Let me know what you asked for! 
Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For the Band Geek in you... or someone else

Hello Bloggers, I haven't posted in over a month... CRAZY! But if it makes you feel better I havent posted very often on YouTube either. Which, speaking of YouTube recently changed; a lot of people are complaining, but I personally like it. Anyways the reason for my posting...
I recently watched Elle Fowler's newest video where she talked about etsy.com I have no idea if she was sponsored or not... but this site is amazing. Embracing the band geek in me, I immediatly clicked on the music category and found an amazing instrument themed seller.
Before I go on, something I don't talk about much is how much of a band geek I am. I play in 4 bands at my high school with my trumpet - aka the love of my life ;) - and it's honestly one of the only reasons I love high school so much. (I'll insert of picture of me and my baby below)

I would post me with my section but I'm not about to put their faces on the internet without their permission :) 
Anyways this instrument awesome-ness on etsy is called Horn & Castle Musician Gifts. And let me tell you, as a musician myself, any musician would love these gifts. They have custom buttons, notebooks, and luggage tags to fit any instrument! it's awesome!

I plan on doing a gift guide about just books on my YouTube channel soon, so stay tuned!

and Happy Holidays!