Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selena Gomez Never Say Never Premiere -Makeup Tutorial-

Hey Everyone! I saw Selena Gomez at the Never Say Never Premiere and loved her Makeup! Then MacBarbie07 on youtube did a tutorial, and I knew I wanted to do my own! I actually based my look more off of MacBarbie07's look, then Selena Gomez. But below are pitures for both, then my video, then a full list of products!
Selena at the premiere.

MacBarbie07 link to the video click here.

List of Products:
Blush- Benefit Coarlista
Highlight- MAC Miss Behave Blush -blue heart as highlight- (Quite Cute Collection)
Prime- Urban Deay Primer  Potion (origanal)
Base- NYX Jumbo Pencil Lavender
Inner Lid & Corner- Sephora Aspen Summit
Outer Lid- Costal Sents Palette -two mixed colors-
Outer Corner- Revlon Pearl Violet Starlet
Liner Upper Lash Line- MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner On The Hunt
Water Line- MAC Tehinkhol Purple Dash
Lower Lash Line- Sephora Aspen Summit
BonneBell LipLites Pink Candy Cane

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Haul! -Fashion-

Hello Everyone! So this is the long Easter Weekend! and if you don't celebrate Easter then I hope your enjoying the long weekend! :D
So I did some shopping yesterday with my mom cause I needed some new clothing items, and the easter bunny brought me some stuff today! So I though I'd share it!
(Prices on are the picture of the item)

Victoria Secret PINK  (by the way I noticed that the receipt is pink too! Such a nice touch :P)
As stated above ^ I also got the "crop" style pants in black. They are made with a very light fabric, and I'm excited to wear them! The t-shirt is also very light. It's also a neon coral color, they had this color in the pants but I don't think I'd be able to pull those off. This bag I got for school cause I needed a new one. PINK as really great totes and this one had a more resonable price then the others. It will be great to take to the beach this summer too!

American Eagle Outfiters
I was so excited to see that American Eagle had their dresses on for $30, I've always loved their sun dresses. This white dress is so fun, light, and flowy for the beach. Brown Gladiator sandals will look awesome with it. It also has pink an blue details on the neckline. This dress also comes in gray. I needed new sunglasses, mine were getting old. I've rarely had sunglasses outside of black, but I love these! They also cover my eyebrows, which I used to not like big sunglasses (I still don't like ones that touch my cheeks) but now I hate it when my eyebrows stick outside my sunglasses. Anyways the picture on the far left is the case that American Eagle gives you free with any purchase on sunglasses.

Sephora, Quo, H&M
Last but not least is a few random little bits. I had to take advantage of being a beauty insider and use the 15% off cupon I got in the mail, because it was extended till monday! yay! So I go tthe strawberry shortcake Body Butter, which smells like Heaven! Unless you don't like super sweet smells... then this isn't for you. But this fomula is awesome; super light, and whipped, very creamy too. The easter bunny brought me the next two things (and forgot to take off the tags :P) But I got these Quo Makeup Bags (Quo is sold exlusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) one is small an black, the other is bigger and is black with magenta flowers. The last thing is probably my favorite, and I've been wanting it too. This beautiful flowy top from H&M, it's a nice coral color and has ruffles down the front. But just a warning, it's also very sheer, make sure to wear a tank underneath.

So Thanks for Reading in today on my little fashion haul!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Face Of The Day -Neutral Eyes-

I was very happy with my makeup today, so I decided I'd share it on my blog!

Revlon Under Eye Concealer
MAC Minerlize Skin Finish
Benefit Coralist

Buxom Leslie

Lid - MAC AllThatGlitters
Crease - Too Faced Teddy Bear
Outer Corner - Urban Decay Smog
Highlight - Revlon Vintage Lace
Inner Corner (Tear Duct) - NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk, The Body Shop Trio Sundown Glow (lightest Color)
Lashes - Buxom Lash Blackest Black
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glimmering Karat Makeup Tutorial : List of Products

I filmed this dark brown eye look, but afterwards I decieded it would be a great Prom look too!
Though for prom you might wanna add maybe some false eyelashes.
 Another great eyeshadows for prom is The NARS Kalahari Duo... I LOVE IT.
I may do another look with that some other day. But I do have a Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl tutorial that I use it in, but I don;t remember exactly what I do.
Anyways Here's the products I used:
Benefit High Beam
NARS BLush - Deep Throat
Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil - Iced Mocha
Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Smog
                                        - Half Baked
                                        - Twice Baked
NYX Eyeshadow - Dark Brown
Too Faced Eyeshadow - Heaven
Any Black Liner
MAC Lipstick - Hue
MAC LustreGlass - LoveNectar
xoxo Emily!
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get Clear Skin! (Proactive Review)

Most of you saw my video: "One of My Everyday Makeup Looks," that was alot of acne... for me. And since then I've started using proactive.
I used Proactive when I was younger, just to keep my face clean, not really for acne purposes. My mom has always used it. I stopped using it cause I felt I didn't really need it.
Products I've used in the past for my skin care are:
Neutrogena Wave Duo (this did nothing for me.)
St Ives Olive Cleanser
Biore Ice Cleanser
... and others.
Since I've started using proactive again I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. The only difference I havent noticed is the little bumps I get on my face. (Which I've had for a long time, but they haven't gotten worse or anything).
Most people have heard of Proactive, with the T.V. commercials and everything. My mom has been using proactive before all these commercials have come out, so it's not like this is what made me want to use Proactive.
Proactive conists in 3 easy steps...
Step 1: Renewing Cleanser
I really love this cleanser. The small exfoliating beads are really gentle. There is a slight smell to it, it's not over-whelming but some may find it anoying. Personaly, I barley notice it. This also removes, if not all, then most of my makeup.

 Step 2: Revitalising Toner
This toner is great because it takes off anymakeup the cleanser may have missed. It doesn't really sting you face either (unless you have a scratch on your face, then that would sting). Which is good coming from me since I have easily irritated skin when it comes to stingging. It applies smoothly too, and dries quick so you can quickly, and easily move on to the third and final step...
Step 3: Rpairing Lotion
 This delivers the perfect amount of moisture to your face, and a little goes a long way! This bottle is smaller then the other two, which goes along with the whole 'little goes a long way.' I like this because then your pretty much using up the same amount of product each day, so the bottles will be out of product at the same time. Therefore, you can go ahead and buy all the 3 bottles at the same time, which is cheaper! Did that make sense? I hope so.
There is a downside that I've found. I have a feeling some of the ingredients aren't the best for you since the cleanser bleaches my towels! But, this can also be a good thing: it's taking the redness out of your skin.

My bleached towel.

Overall, I think that if your struggling with acne, and have not tried Proactive, then you should. It's quite expensive but if it makes your skin clear, then it's worth it! no? Also Im pretty sure that you can try it out and within 30 (or maybe 60) days you can return it if it doesn't work for you!
Hope this was helpful to anyone thinking about trying proactive! if you have any questions please feel free to comment, or e-mail at .
DISCLAIMER- Proactive (or anyone allitified with Proactive) did not in anyway send me these products or is paying me to do this post. My mom paid for these, and we went to the "cart thing" to purchase them ourselves.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Charade -Makeup Tutorial-

Spring Charade is the perfect name for the weather right now. Last night it was partly snowing, now it puring rain and warm. Spring is taking a long time to get here. So take a break from the cold and check out this warm look, to get you into spring!

Products Used  [ e/s- eyeshadow  e/l- eyeliner ]
Urban Decay Primer Potion- Sin
MAC e/s- Gleam
              - AllThat Glitters
              - Malt
Revlon Matte e/s- Vintage Lace
Cover Girl PefectPointPlus e/l- Expresso
MAC Super Slick Liquid e/l- On The Hunt
Sephora Lash Plumper Mascara- Black
MAC Sheertone Blush- Pinch O' Peach
MAC CremesheenGlass- Just Superb

Thanks for Checking Out My Latest Tutorial!
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