Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Favorites: Skin Care, Fashion

Hey Bloggers! I decided I would talk about my favorites for may. Every month I do this on my YouTube channel for anything makeup/beauty related and this month I forgot skincare! So I decided to do skincare on my blog. And since I've been loving a few fashion items lately I'm throwing those in too!

I have done a review of proactive here on my blog, but a warning it's not very detailed... apparently I just forget everything. Anyways from the 3 step sytem I've been using 1 and 3 the most. The renewing cleanser is gentle and gets of my face makeup while cleaning my face. Then the repairing lotion treats my acne while giving my face some moisture. I feel like the step 2 (toner) is just kinda useless. Proactive has really been working for my latley and I'm happy to have it.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sun Screen
So I mentioned this in my May Favs on YouTube, but I decided it was skincare, so here it is!
I've been using it a lot since it's been so sunny where I live.
Except for today; there was a huge thunderstorm and the power went out!
But it's really been helping protect my face. Because no one wants skin cancer. And if you want to know more info on all that I have a video on my collabchannel that I joined on my little blog break so just click here to see it!

White Shorts
I've have been LOVING white shorts! They go with everything, and you can make them casual or classy depending what you pair it with.


My favorie white  shorts are American Eagle Destroyed Denim Midi Short and I roll up the bottom sometimes
                                     and ESPRIT
Play Fit easy sport shorts (which need all the other colors of cause I LOVE them!!!)

Coral Tees
I love pairing a coral tee with white shorts. It's such a fun casual look!
My favorite are American Eagle Love is Every Thing V-neck

American Eagle (ignore the necklace)
                     and Victoria Secret PINK V-neck
Victoria Secret Pink T

Anyways those are my Skin Care and Fashion Favs! Hope everyone enjoyed, review coming soon!

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