Sunday, April 29, 2012


If you've seen my newest haul, you would know that I recently bought some new flats! ...ok not that exciting, but I also bought another little something called heel grips! ...which don't sound that exciting either. But seriously heel grips are my best friend!
I love heel grips for flats or heels with harsh backs. Because we all know how painful it is when they cut into the back of your heel!
 The heel grips from Payless are only $3! Which is awesome especially if your always buying them. I've also gotten these at ALDO, which are $5. I'm not quite sure which ones I like more, but the ones at ALDO seem smoother, were they Payless ones have more of a grip. So the Payless ones are probably better if you want it as an insole to make them fit better if their not fitting correctly. 
Overall I find heel grips can make a shoe a lot more comfortable.  
How do you make your shoes more comfortable?

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