Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tarte 24 hour Amazonian Clay Blush - Exposed

For Easter this year, I was delighted to find this beautiful blush waiting for me when I woke up. 
I've been wanting to try these tarte blushes for a while, since everyone has been raving about them so much. I finally jumped on the band wagon. So far it was a little tricky to swatch it, which I'm sure was just because it's brand new; sometimes you have to get passed that finished layer. So I swatched it again in the same spot and color looked a lot better.
I was very interested in this color; it's a little mauve, kind of brownish pink. I think it would look great on ANY skin tone. (and I'm pretty pale) 
I was also excited about this because lately I've found that really pink blushes have been washing me out. Therefore, I've been moving to more brown-toned blushes that bring some color back into my face. 
As for the packaging, I also really like it. I like things to have a clear top so I can see what color it is, but in this case, the packaging itself is pretty much the same color as the blush; so I shouldn't complain. It's also pretty thin, not to bulky which is great for travel. But if you are going to travel with this I recommend put a kleenex or something in between the powder and mirror; because the mirror seem like it could easily crack (even though the outside packaging seems to be sturdy) and you don't want bits of glass in the product.
I have yet to try out the wear of this blush, but with all the hype and positive things I've seen so far, I think it'll work out great.
On a side note, my youtube viewers may be happy to know I am one step closer to a much requested room tour with a pink rug!
Happy Easter!

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