Thursday, July 12, 2012

Revlon Smokey Shadow Stick - Torch + Covergirl comparison

I recently picked up one of Revlon's new Smoky Shadow Sticks in the shade Torch.
I was initially interested in this product because it seems so similar to Covergirl's Smokey Shadow Blast.
Like covergirl, this has a lid side, and a crease side, with a rounded and tapered tip to help it be more easily applied. 
 The first side is a pretty light pink shade for the lid. I noticed after apply it to my eye that you have to build it up a lot for the pink to really show. Otherwise it just looks like shimmer. But if you decide to apply a shadow over top with a similar color, this as a base will really bump up the color!
 The second side is a pretty medium brown for the crease. Again, I felt that I needed to apply a bit more than usual to help the color really show up a bit more.

Revlon Smoky Shadow Stick - Torch (left), Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast - Bronze Fire (right)
As you can see, when comparing the Revlon vs. Covergirl, the Covergirl comes out a lot more pigmented. But the reason I'm going to tell you pass the Covergirl and buy the Revlon is because the Covergirl creases like CRAZY, where wearing the Revlon on it's own - while it can crease a bit - is completely fine and I completely agree with it's colorstay name!
But if you do decide to build up the Revlon and not top it off with shadow, I would recommend to put a primer underneath, just in case!

Have you tried this new product? What did you think of it?

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