Monday, July 16, 2012

My Vans Warped Tour Experience

After a whole bit of going/not going. My sister and I won tickets through Live Nation to Vans Warped Tour!
We mainly just wanted to go to see We The Kings and, overall, the price of the tickets wouldn’t of been worth it if we paid full price.
We got there around 10:30, because the doors were opening at 12, little did we know, they lied and the doors opened at 11. Annoying. But anyways, we picked up our tickets at the box office/will call. It took a while for them to find our tickets because we weresupposedto pick them up at the Guest List line.
Anyways, we got our tickets, and found a super short line. Once we got into the venue we went to the inflatable with all the times and found the times for we the kings. Then we went to the merch table. The merch table had a few wristbands for signing so we bought merch and he just gave them to us. (even though we were supposed to answer some triva question) They were also giving out free wristbands at the American Rag tent, which is where they do the signing.
We went to the Kia Soul stage right after, so we could be front row when WTK came on at 2:15. So we sat through some other bands. Then WTK came on; OMG seriously. It was so amazing! such a great set! Watch out for pictures that I\ll be posting. so afterwards - the set ended around 3:00 we waited around for 4:45, and it POURED! ABSOLUTELY POURED RAIN! We were up to our ankles in water, it was completely flooding to venue.
So they forced everyone out of the venue, and into the ampatheatre. We went back to our car to see if we could wait out the rain. It eventually stopped and the show was back on, so we went to see if the signing was still happening and it was CANCELLED! I couldn’t believe it. and I wasn’t until we got home that charles andtravis tweeted to were coming out to take picture with people.
Overall I’m so glad we got to see the show, but we’re still kinda upset we missed meeting them. But they should have a headlining tour soon, in which case we’ll get to meet them.

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