Saturday, December 10, 2011

For the Band Geek in you... or someone else

Hello Bloggers, I haven't posted in over a month... CRAZY! But if it makes you feel better I havent posted very often on YouTube either. Which, speaking of YouTube recently changed; a lot of people are complaining, but I personally like it. Anyways the reason for my posting...
I recently watched Elle Fowler's newest video where she talked about I have no idea if she was sponsored or not... but this site is amazing. Embracing the band geek in me, I immediatly clicked on the music category and found an amazing instrument themed seller.
Before I go on, something I don't talk about much is how much of a band geek I am. I play in 4 bands at my high school with my trumpet - aka the love of my life ;) - and it's honestly one of the only reasons I love high school so much. (I'll insert of picture of me and my baby below)

I would post me with my section but I'm not about to put their faces on the internet without their permission :) 
Anyways this instrument awesome-ness on etsy is called Horn & Castle Musician Gifts. And let me tell you, as a musician myself, any musician would love these gifts. They have custom buttons, notebooks, and luggage tags to fit any instrument! it's awesome!

I plan on doing a gift guide about just books on my YouTube channel soon, so stay tuned!

and Happy Holidays!

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