Monday, August 29, 2011

OMG: Vampire Diaries!

Hey everyone! If you read my blog post: Emily's Obsessions! Then you know my bestie Nicole, got me hooked on Vampire Diaries this  (almost over *sad face*) summer, by making me watch the first season. Well I loved it, and tomorrow (August 30th) Season 2 comes out on DVD! yay! 
Oh yeah, and Season 3 of Vampire Diaries starts (here in Canada)  September 15!
In honor of this amazing series, I thought I'd recap my favorite moments of season 1, and tell you what I'm most excited about for Season 2. 
For everyone who is already a Vampire Diaries fan you get to sit back, re-live some season 1 moments, and not tell me what happens! Thanks! :)
I get really into movies, tv shows (yes, even reality who watches bachelor pad?!), etc. and I was literally standing on the couch at times. 
First of all I was really mad about Jeremy and doing drugs (dont do drugs people! they dont help anything!) and when he starting dating Vicki, I was sick. Seriously? Oh! and when Vicki was officially a vampire and tried to attack everyone! oooohhhhh I was mad. I never liked Vicki. 
Omigosh! how about when we learned Bonnie was a Witch! and they tired to open the tomb but didnt close it and Catherine wasn't even in there! WTH?!
And I couldn't believe it when Alaric's wife was turned into a vampire by Damon, and really she's Elena's mother who is a descendant from Catherine. right?
Who remeber's when we found out Sefan was was the won who saved Elena the day of the crash the killed her "parents"? But she didn't know it was because she looked like Catherine... but they got all that figured out so it was no big deal. 
Then what the heck?! yeah, John Gilbert is Elena's dad! I think I literally flipped out when I found out. Everything is just secretly connected in this show (so I should of saw it coming).
Then, BAM! Elena kisses Damon and her aunt catches her and asks her to come inside and I was like what?! no! Elena belongs with Sefan! then I let out a huge breath when we found out it wasn't Elena it was Catherine and she kills John Gilbert by chopping off his fingers. Yup you hear me. But Emily how did Catherine get into the house? Elena's stupid aunt invited her in!
For what I'm excited about? Catherine going down! :D

So after that I'm sure you can now see why I'm so excited to watch season 2. 
See you next time!
<3 ~Emily

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