Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shop my Stash: Face

If you follow Beauty Broadcast, you're familiar with the title. This will be a bit different though...
Usually a "shop my stash" is pulling things you don't normally use or used to love and trying to use them more often again. MY shop my stash is about this thing...
this is an organizer I keep on my vanity and plop in the products that I'm using the most at the moment. I thought I could take each section and do blog posts about what's in each and what I think of them!
In today's post we're going to the right to where I keep my face products
The first products in here are my BB Creams! I'm not really one to use foundation. Mainly because I don't want it to break me out and I'm not one to fuss over coverage. Plus they provide a lot of different properties that are great for your skin!

The Marcelle BB Cream* is one of my favorites! It's a Canadian brand and you can buy this at Shoppers Drug Mart or Wal-Mart. I find that this one has great coverage for a BB Cream but it doesn't feel heavy at all! That's really all there is to say about it.... except the price. At Shopper Drug Mart it's around $24CAD and at Wal-Mart around $20CAD. Honestly? I will definitely repurchase this BB Cream, I just really love the way it works! There is also no SPF in it. It doesn't really concern me too much. And I do use a moisturizer with SPF in it after I wash my face. 
*this link is in french... my browser is Google Chrome and it offered to translate it for me. 
The Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream is great for the price. A plus to this is that it has SPF built in and I would not recommend this for oily skin. I think it may be the SPF in this product that makes my skin look pretty shiny. you may find this with most BB Creams anyways because they have a lot of moisture in them, but I don't find that the Marcelle one does this. Other then that I think this is a great option if you're looking for a BB Cream.

The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder has been a cult favorite for a while now. This is one of the first makeup products I ever used. I think this is a great choice if you haven't used this powder before. However, after using MAC's MSF Natural and the next product I'm going to tell you about, I've found that this powder can look a tad cakey. The problem may be that the powder isn't thin enough, it's not "finely milled". Maybe Rimmel figured that if they didn't thin it out it to make it better coverage? I think in order to REALLY enjoy this powder, one of the shades has to really match your skin tone. 
Revlon's Nearly Naked Powder is a hit in my books! I find that it takes away shine without making me look too cakey. Plus it gives good coverage! What confuses me about this powder is that the color is labeled 020. It was the lightest shade on the shelf, there is no shade with a one. After checking the website this powder is the lightest shade available. The picture above is very accurate to the color of the powder in real life. My sister originally bought this powder, but it was too dark so she gave it to me and I fell in love. So obviously, if you're fair skinned, you're out of luck.
Benefits Tints and Beams are one of my staples. These products are so universal I don't know how a collection is complete with at least one of these products! They're also great during school cause they're so quick to slap on and run out the door. Just a warning about these, when you're using the tints make sure to blend right after dabbing it on your cheeks because they sink in really fast. (It was impossible to photograph BeneTint in the first swatch photo). Also, do you see how beautiful that second swatch of high beam is! This is why I love it! 
MAC ProLongwear Concealer is another staple in my collection. This is my second purchase of it, and i will definitely purchase it again!It has great coverage without feeling heavy; it kinda just blends right in. The only thing I wouldn't recommend this for is under the eyes. I also hate the pump cause a little goes a super long way and it pumps out way too much.
Revlon PhotoReady Concealer is something I haven't been using quite as long as the MAC but it is one that I'd definitely recommend. Unlike the MAC, it's great for under the eyes! It's super creamy and light and won't crease! I find that it also has a great, light coverage for acne and redness. The only complaint I have is that because of it's "PhotoReady" name, it has those little flecks of shimmer, which is noticeable if you look close enough. I also wouldn't recommend it if you're going for something long-wearing.

So that's what I'm currently using on my face! If you noticed, there was no blush in there. Mainly because I switch my cheeks up a lot. Plus if I keep it all together, I'm always going into the drawer, so I'm always using different ones!
What ear your favorite face products right now?
x Emily

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