Friday, July 26, 2013

Shop My Stash: Lips and other Bits

Today we are venturing into the two back squares of the organizer on my vanity. This is filled with mainly lip products, but there is also a few little bits (hence the title of this post).
First we have three lipsticks.
As you can tell, I'm someone that goes more for warm peach-tones, rather then cool blue-tones.
MAC's lipsticks are some of my favorites! They have a really creamy texture, and they smell AMAZING. 
Hue is one that I tend to pick up a lot. I find that it really looks good with my skin tone. It's sort of a nude-peach color. 
Angel is a lipstick I've heard many people rave about. I'd have to agree that it may look good on just about any skin tone. It's your typical neutral pink.
Chanel isn't something I usually buy. But while in NYC a couple summers ago, my mom got me a lipstick while we were in Bloomingdales. These Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are amazing! They have a really nice creamy texture (much like MAC's lipsticks) and have a great shine to them. It's almost like wearing a non-sticky, more moisturizing, lipgloss! Evasion is sort of like MAC's Hue, but has more pigment to it.
The Fresh SUGAR Lip Treatments are one of my favorites! They're super moisturizing and smell great. They also have SPF 15! Swatched above is the Rose tinted one; which is a very similar color to Benetint. I got these two minis on my birthday last year at Sephora for free. I'm not how I feel about dishing out $30 CAD for this when I'm done, though. I feel like another lip balm could treat me just the same. 

I'm sure you all recognize this beauty! The EOS Lip Balm in SummerFruit. I won't talk much about this, but it's something I use very often, and I have a back up hanging around cause it's so awesome!  
The NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight is one of my favorites! Particularly because it's not sticky at all! This is a great pale pink color that looks great on most skintones. I definitely recommend it!  
These two are also way up high on my favourites list! The MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink is great for everyday. It's just your typical pink color and has SPF 15! This is something I can wear any time, any where and it's not like I need a mirror to help apply it, as the color is sheer. It also smells great and is moisturizing!
Rose Salves are a great! I got this Blueberry scented one by CO Bigelow at Bath and Body Works. This is a great multi-tasker and I love using it on my cuticles and my lips! The consistency is like Vaseline so it's greta to put on before bed. 
Something I forgot to take a picture of is the CO Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm which I think is great and moisturizing and smell delicious... until you leave it in the hot car. My turned really watery after leaving it in the car and I'm so sad! But I still use it sometimes cause it smells nice.
I also keep a mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin here. I don't use them often anymore, I'm more just trying to use them up! They're really drying out as I've had them for a while. But I think they're both great primers and Sin is super pretty!
This is one of those products that I don't think my collection would be complete without! Benefit's Eye Bright is a great multi-purpose product that I especially love using under my eyes! I'd definitely recommend it!
I bought GOSH's Extreme Art Eye Liner in 12 after I decided I wanted an eye liner that matched my school colors for events and pep rallies! Since it's currently summer I'm not using it much but it's a really great long-wearing liquid eye liner. I got mine on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart here in Canada, and it was great deal!

What lip products are you using currently? Would you recommend it or not?
x Emily

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