Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My bedroom walls!

Me being me, I have tons of posters in my room. If you ask me why I really couldn't give you a reason, it just looks fun to me, I guess. Before, I had at least one poster on each wall, but a couple weeks ago I decided to change it up. And that resulted in this
I just clumped everything into this corner in my room. I actually really enjoy the way it looks. Some would find it to look cluttered, but I like everything together.
There was a con to all of this: my green wall looked terribly bare.
So the first thing I did was extended the posters through the corner so some were also on the green wall. My cork board was also looking a little full, so I kept all my tickets but moved the pictures to my wall.
Not only did this wall photo collage make more room on my cork board but now I also have a bunch of wall space to fit more pictures!
Now for the other side of my green wall I decides to do this
I did this around midnight. Which was around the time I had this sudden urge to re-arrange my posters. Anyways, this is one of my favorite quotes! I wanted to do a different one but it was a lot longer. And this took long enough! Also, construction paper and a knack of drawing block letters (which I obviously don't have). 
Basically, i think someone's bedroom should reflect their personality at all times, and sometimes that means making some changes! 
In other news:
I can't believe tomorrow is the start of august! In september I'll be starting my last year of high school :(
x Emily

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