Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cool People + Shirt-Making

In these past five days I've been to two concerts. I decided they were too amazing to not share with my beautiful followers! I went to the Paradise Fears Battle Scars Release Tour on saturday, so i'll share that with you first.
When buying the tickets, we had a choice of getting regular tickets or VIP. We decided on the VIP which included a Meet & Greet before the show and we got to watch sound check. I loved that we got all the perks but the Meet & Greet was cut a little short and we didn't get pictures with all the members of the band because of it. I think this happened because they showed up a little late - maybe trouble getting across the boarder. We made shirts to wear to this concert and the band really loved them. Concert advice of this post: make your own shirts; the band really appreciates them!
 When we made these shirts we bought the black t-shirts at Michael's and then traced out the cut we wanted with chalk and turned them into tank tops. Then we each got a color of dimensional fabric paint. The fabric paint was a good idea because once it sets for the indicated time on the bottle, we can wash them. We bought silver sharpies to get the band to sign the back, so obviously we can't wash them after that, so mine is now tacked up on my wall.
There are 6 members in Paradise Fears, and like I said, we didn't get pictures with all of them. But the VIP was worth it because we got in early to see the soundcheck, which means better spots during the concert (aka closer to the band and their beautiful faces!). The band (and all the opening bands, which were awesome!) came outside of the venue after the concert to get pictures. Which is when I'm grateful of meet and greets because although we were rushed by their manager, there was more time to talk because they weren't surrounded by so many people.
Okay, now we can talk about the We The Kings Summer Fest Tour. This tour consisted of a lot more popular bands, which meant lots of people, and since bands don't come to Canada often, a sold out show. So I got up at 9am and we left around 11 and spent the whole day in line. My sister, friend Nicole, and her sister, Shawna decided they wanted Meet & Greet for The Ready Set, so they got early entry and got a good spot in the crowd, while me and our friend Carlin stayed in line. The thing we wanted the most was We The Kings Meet & Greet (obviously) so when Carlin and I got inside we got the Meet & Greets right away. And can I mention how lucky we got? There were only about 25 Meet & Greet wristbands and we managed to grab 5!
The crowd got pretty squishy, and during Breathe Carolina, pretty crazy. I'd been in worse crowds, but it's still not the best feeling to be pushed around by sweaty bodies. I don't want to sound too whiny though, cause Breathe Carolina put on a great show! And Keep it Cute, The Ready Set and TMills!
Also, Corey Vidal came to the show and we got to meet him and the ApprenticeEh crew! They're such awesome people, so super nice, and put up a great conversation! We told Corey how excited we are for Vlogumentary and how good the trailer was. He told how emotional everyone got while they filmed Alli's interview - which is partly shown in the trailer.
We made shirts again for this concert! We modeled the front after The Tampa Bay Rays logo, since they're from Tampa. And since five of us went we were able to keep with the jersey theme and chose one of the memeber and put their last name on the back. After watch the CTFxC vlogs and the We The Kings video diaries we tried to match the numbers of the basketball jerseys they own. This time, we bought a pack of white men's t-shirts from Wal-Mart and again, cut them to the style we wanted. Shawna and I sewed our sleeves to make them into tank tops, which I liked because they felt more sturdy. Everyone else just cut theirs. We used acrylic paint for the shirts this time (which meant no washing the shirts). It made more sense because we used more colors. They got pretty stretched out during the concert, but I definitely liked the fabric better; it was a lot more comfortable. 
The guys loved the shirts; they were excited about us having their names on them. Which was exciting for us cause we worked so hard on them! Travis even wanted a picture on his phone!

Shawna - Hunter - Rachel - Danny - ME! - Travis - Carlin - Cooley - Nicole - Charles
We really wanted to meet Alli but I don't blame her for not coming out cause it was such a crazy night; everyone was exhausted! 
x Emily

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