Friday, August 30, 2013

Obsessions, going back to school + little haul!

Have you ever just gotten so into something that it's all you think about?
Yeah, me either.
But really, I have been SO OBSESSED with The Mortal Instruments series. in the course of August I've flown through the first four books in the six-part series. I'm currently dying to know what's gonna happen in book five but I'm trying to let everything sink in first. to help myself out I made another tumblr blog (I dare you to try and find me) to help myself deal with the amazing-ness. Also, I'm dying to see the movie which recently came out where I live and I'm hoping to see it before I go back to school.
If you aren't subscribed to my youtube channel you may not know much about this series so here's the 411. (does anyone actually say that anymore?)
Basically the first book of The Mortal Instruments series - City of Bones - starts off with a girl named Clary and her friend Simon. They're at a night club and things start to seem very strange when Clary sees a group of people but no one else seems to notice. She learns that these people are shadowhunters and when her mom disappears she learns that there's a lot more to her life then she thought.
I'd definitely recommend it if you love sci-fi/fantasy books.
I want to know if you've read this series and what you thought of it - no spoilers though! I'm not done the whole series yet!
I'm hoping that the lst two books will get me through the next month cause I have to go back... to school. DUN DUN DUN
It's not that I hate school, it's just that I don't exactly enjoy it all that much. I don't enjoy getting up early, I don't enjoy annoying people (let's be honest though, they're everywhere), I don't enjoy homework.
My advice to myself is to stop thinking of all the stuff I hate and focus on the things I enjoy about it. I like having a better social life, I like learning new things, I like being in the school band. 
But let's be honest, it isn't working out the greatest. 
I've actually been getting some request down on youtube to talk about what I plan on doing after high school. I think I might because it's been quite the difficult time for me and I think it might help some people out if I did a video on it. To be honest, I'm actually not that sure what I want to do after high school yet. But I'm working on it.
If one thing is for sure out of all of this, I couldn't be any happier to get rid of this sweltering heat. It has been so completely humid and muggy where I live all summer and I can't wait to be able to wear my UGGS and comfy sweaters because I am not a shorts-wearing person. Also some perks of fall; Pumpkin Spice Lattes and my birthday!
And now for the haul. The haul of all hauls... a Wal-Mart haul! *intense music plays*
Okay, maybe it's not that exciting but I thought I'd share it.
 I've tired this mascara before, and I really did enjoy it. But for a while I could only find the black satin formula which I didn't like at all. But since I haven't used it in a while I thought I'd pick it up again.

 The products above and below are products I've heard a lot about! I've tried the NYC bronzer before (thanks to my sister) and I think it looks pretty good with my fair skin tone. It's not the most pigmented, but I don't consider that much of a down fall since I'm so pale. The Maybelline Age Rewind Undereye Concealer is something I've been wanted to try for a while because my dark circles are really bad and since school is coming I needed something extra.

x Emily

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