Monday, January 2, 2012

Bath and Body Works Haul!

Hey guys! The other day I went to Bath and Body Works and I was a total bargain hunter! There were so many sales because the holidays are coming to an end; which sucks except that we get great deals out of it.
Cooling Mist - Sweet Pea
This was originally like $12 but it was 90% off! CRAZY! after that it was $1.20!

Foaming Soap - Pink Sugarplum
This scent has unfortunately been discontinued until next winter :( And I LOVE it! So I managed to get a soap, which was literally the only thing left in the scent! And I'm pretty sure this was 50% off.

Fragrance Oil - Marshmallow Fireside
Last but not least I got a new oil for my scent bug! This smells exactly like roasting marshmallows, so I had to get it because I love marshmallows! 

Happy New Year!

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