Friday, March 18, 2011

MACs Best and Worst Products!

One of my favorite youtubers macbaby0808 made up a tag called: MAC's Best and Worst Products. Well, I'm sick so when I filmed it today I sounded all stuffed and gross. So I decided to do a blog post on it!
#1- Worst- Pearlmatte Eyeshadow Trio- MAC in Lilyland Collection

BTW- none of these are my pictures, just what I found off google :P
 This was my first ever MAC Product, and I have to say, I was very dissapointed in this. The colors are not very pigmented, and barely show up on your eye.
Yes I know that matte eyeshadows are always not very pigmented. But these weren't even that matte, hense the name "Peralmatte." The only color that really showed up was the pink, and it's really not a very pretty pink when swatched. Anyways, I had very high expectations with this. Considering it was the first MAC product I had ever tired.
Let me just say that if they come out with this again as a re-promote: Don't Buy It.

#2- Best- Single Eyeshadows
Considering that I didn't like the Peralmatte eyeshadows, I decided that I would throw the I do like MACs Single Shadows. My last blogpost was of my collection of them, and I have gained two since. (not that I get two MAC eyeshadows everyday, but this just happened to be the time frame I got two new ones).
If you are wondering the two I got were Gleam and Malt. Which I will be doinga tutorial with soon.
I love these eyeshadows. They are very pigmented, and show up very well on the eye when applied with a brush. All I can say are good things about these. They can be alittle pricey for some people, but I deffinatly think they are worth the money.

#3- Worst- PlushGlasses
Some people may hate me for saying this but I hate these!
In my opinion, I think they are the sticky-est of all the MAC lip glosses. Also, this really burned my lips when I applied it. I actually don't have mine in my collection anymore, because I gave it to a friend that likes it. I really just overall didnt like the formula of these, an will not be purchaseing another one. But thats just my opinion.

#4- Best- Cremesheen and LustreGlasses
(I'm putting these together so that it's neater)

To the left, is the CremesheenGlass. I love this formula. It's very, very smooth. Which is something that MAC seems to have trouble with. The also very opaque and true to color. Which sometimes can mean bright lips, which is why I gravitate towards the LustreGlass. Which is on the right. This formula is the most sheer out of all of MAC lip products. It's also not as sticky as MACs LipGlass and PlushGlasses. Which is another reason why I like it. If your just starting with MAC, the Cremesheen, or LustreGlass is the way to go, and I'd recommend either.

#5- Worst- Marine Life Highlight Powder- To The Beach Collection
*GASP* Yes, I got sucked into paying $30, with all the hype and pretty pictures, I was dissapointed in this product. And by the way, I went on a wild goose chase for this. I have problems with this product which I will state in facts.
Fact #1- This is advertised as a "Highlight Powder" when in fact it mainly bright pink, which it should be called a "Blush."
Fact #2- The only reason MAC called it a highlight powder was because of the pretty gold. But this gold is an overspray. One swipe of your brush, and it's all gone.
So, by reading these facts you can see why I am dissapointed in this product. And I don't really ever use it. But, I must say that it's not entirely a terrible product, because the pink is quite pigmented.

#6- Best- Minerlize Skinfinsh Natural
My color is Light Medium
I have to say that I LOVE this product. I use it everyday that I wear makeup, and I wear it everyday to school. It keeps my concealer on through gym-class too. I think it even makes your skin look good, and-in a way-makes your skin feel softer (call me crazy). I think this is great for wearing on it's own, with concealer, or setting a foundation or tinted moisturizer.

So, thats all she wrote, or I wrote :P. Don't forget to follow!

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