Friday, March 4, 2011


Welcome to my new blog! yay!
SO this is a blog for my YouTube channel chanelmiss13 (if you would like to check out click here), but if you would like to come read anyways, that's awesome too!
Here I will be doing review on products, what I'm loving posts, and just random stuff! (and hauls!)
I've noticed that people don't really watch reviews on my channel, my subscribers just aren't really into it, so for the meantime they will be here!
Also, I get like one product but I always feel like I have to haul it. So if I show it here, I wont always have little tiny videos that are 5 minutes long to haul on thing, :)
Oh! and maybesome fashion posts? nothing to big, but I hate making fashion videos cause I don't really like watching them myself.
So what would you like me to try out and review? or maybe you need  an idea for an outfit? let me know and look out for posts!
I also have Twitter and Dailybooth, So follow me there!
xoxo ~ Emily!

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