Monday, March 14, 2011

My MAC Eyeshadows (as of March 14th 2011)

Hello Everyone!
Today I thought I'd show you each of my MAC Eyeshadows, and what looks I like each of them for.

Top- AllThatGlitters, Woodwinked, Mulch, CutToFit(Pret a Papier Collection)
Bottom- Steamy, WhiteFrost, ExpensivePink, SatinTaupe
What are the finishes of these eyeshadows?
AllThatGlitters~ Veluxe Peral
Woodwinked~ Veluxe Peral
Mulch~ Velvet
Cut To Fit~ Frost
Steamy~ Frost
White Frost~ Frost
Expensive Pink~ Veluxe Peral
Satin Taupe~ Frost
Which ones do I like to pair together?
~ Lid: Expensive Pink  Crease: Satin Taupe
~ Lid: AllThatGlitters   Crease: Mulch
~ Lid: Woodwinked     OuterCorner: Steamy
What would I reccomend for starter?
~ AllThatGlitters for the Lid
~ Mulch for the crease
~ White Frost for a highlight
What's a dupe for Cut To Fit?
A great dupe for Cut To Fit, is Twinx from MAC's permanent line.
What do you overall think of MAC eyeshadows?
Personally, I think MAC eyeshadow's are great quality and very pigmented. But, I also think there are a lot of other great eyeshadows, and you dont have to go with MAC all the time. But they have a great color selection, and I think they are worth the money.
So, those are my MAC eyeshadows, hope you enjoyed this post! ~ Emily!
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