Saturday, March 5, 2011

What makes your eye color POP!

Hello Lovelies! Today's font is trebuchet!
And today's post is about what colours make your eyes POP! (and yes everytime I say POP it'll be in CAPS :P)
There are a lot of makeup brands that makeup lines claiming to make your eye color POP. Some popular ones are CoverGirl, Almay, and Physicians Formula. But today I'm laying down the facts, what really makes your eye color POP and what doesn't.
Basically you wanna stick to the color wheel, whatever is opposite from your eye color will make them stand out. This is also called complementary colors. Like wearing a blue t-shirt with an orange sweater, one complements the other.
GREEN EYES- I don't think you want to go with red eyeshadow here, since that a little dramatic for everyday. Pink is great alternative to red. Try a shimmery light pink on the lid, with a light matte brown in the crease. Or hot pink on the lower lash line for a POP of color! Purples will also do the trick. so try a plum mascara or eyeliner!
BROWN EYES-Technically brown isn't on the color wheel, so we'll go with a light orange. Blue is what you wanna go for. Blue eyeshadow can be tricky, you don't want to be that 7 year old wearing frosty blue eyeshadow from her grandmother. Try a satin gray-blue on the lid with a brown of your choice in the crease. If your not very comfortable wearing blue eyeshadow, try wearing a color POP of blue! I have a tutorial of this on my YouTube channel. Blue mascara is kinda tricky too, find a black mascara with blue flex glitter in it, I'm pretty sure benefit sells one.
BLUE EYES- You've got the simplest easiest makeup to make your eyes POP. Brown. Just a regular neutral eye will make your eyes POP. For a tutorial click here.
HAZEL EYES- Golds will really make your eyes POP! My favorite gold is Half Baked by Urban Decay. Try that on the lid, and any brown with gold shimmers in the crease.
I really hope this helped you if your looking for something to make your eyes POP!
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