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Spring Beauty Trends

This month's issue of ELLE (U.S.) talks about The Best In Show for Beauty this spring (2011). So I thought I'd talk about it here.

If you have seen this issue yet, it's the March '11 issue, and Fashion Icon; Katy Perry, is on the cover.
And if your wondering; this "Best in Show" article starts on pg.325.

First Stop: PANDA EYES
Purple is the most popular color for doing this look; like the picture shown below.
ELLE describes this trend as "a smokey eye on steriods" which I can totally agree with. This is the ultimate smokey eye; the color is blended up to the brow, out the meet the outer corner of the brow, and down onto the lower lash line. Start with a cream eyeshadow, but blend so it doesn't feel to cakey or crease. Make sure to set with an eye shadow, that has a similar color to the cream eyeshadow. Try using the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Purple Velvet. This color is quite easy to pair with an eyeshadow so use any satin dark purple you may have.
Orange lips are one of those crazy trends that are hard to pull off. So if your not quite comfortable with orange lips, go sutle with Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in papaya. If your going for this trend face first try Illamasqua Lipstick in Blaze.
This trend is also constanly seen being paired with a pink blush. Try NARS Blush in Angelika. It is a cool-tone blush, so it will contrast well with the warm tones of the warm-tone lips.

Another Quite Dramtic Trend is: MEGA LINER
This look was seen quite a but at Christian Dior this Spring.
"Mega Liner" is thick liner on the top last line extended out to the same length as the eyebrow. You can use; Gel Liner, Pencil Liner, Liquid Liner, any type of liner basically.
I have a tutorial similar to this trend on my youtube channel which I will insert into this post

What ELLE likes to call: MANNEQUIN HANDS
Or what I call, Nude Nails. This is by far springs most popular trend that all your favorite celebraties like Leighton Meester, Jennifer Lopez, and Eva Longoria are wearing. ELLE also explains which colors go with which skin tones. But some of my favorites are:
From Sephora by OPI's Urban Ballerina Collection - Leotard Optional (almost ALL the colors from this collection are great for nude nails). Another great one Essie's Topless & Barefoot, one that everyone is raving about on YouTube.

Of course: THE TOPKNOT
This trend, I'm not the biggest fan of. To me, you look like cindy loo-who from the grinch if you wear it wrong. But if you wear it right, then I have nothing wrong with that. The look is a slicked back, high ponytail braided and twisted into a high bun. People have convincingly named this the "Top Knot." Tip: don't use hair gel to slick your hair back, this can make your hair look greasy and unnatural. Try using a spray gel instead; you use less which makes it look less shiny/greasy/unnatural. Again I think that if you dont wear it right, it can bounce all over the place and look very cindy loo-who (like girls at my school). But wear it right and your simply following a popular trend. If you want some more advice on how to do this JuicyStar07's video is very helpful and is the - not right, but- better way to do this.


 Bascially, this is countouring. Use a bronzer (perferably matte) a shade darker then your own skin tone. Contour on your cheekbones, jawline, and temples. Be sure not to to defined with contouring. You want this to look natural, defineing you cheekbones, to make your face look thinner. Adding to this trend, Highlight the tops on your cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose. But be careful, because using a too shimmery highlight can emphasize your pores, and if you have oily skin, it can make you look more oily. For this trend try using Benefit 10 Boxed Blush - for both highlighting and contouring- or NARS Luguna Bronzer - for just contouring- or Benefit High Beam - for just highlighting. Remember: It's about enhancing your natural features. Don't pile it on.

Last But Not Least: FLUFFY CURLS
It was all about big fluffy curls on the runway at Sonia Rykiel. I mean, look it up on google, it's everywhere! Use a bigger barrel curling iron for a few top pieces, then a half size smaller for the rest of your curls. Now flip that hair upside-down and run your fingers through it to fluff it out. Then use hairspray to hold it for the day. My favorite hairspray, is Dove Flexable Hold.

And thats it! ELLE's top srping beauty trends. I must tell you to go pick this issue up. There's also alot of great spring fashion trends inside too. I also must say that I'm not being paid by ELLE, any partner of ELLE or anyone involved in anyway with ELLE. I'm not being paid by any of the companies mentioned either. Actually I'm not being paid by anyone period.
I had alot of fun writing this blog post, and I really hope everyone enjoyed it. I will also be doing tutorials based off these trends on my youtube channel, so watch out for it! I'm super excited to do those tutorials, and to post this blog.
So, thanks for reading and dont forget to follow this blog for more beauty, fashion, and hair tips, tricks, and trends!
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